The Practitioner's "Description" is now a placeholder

Over in the Practitioner Information section of your personal Users & Practitioners page, there is a handy field called "Description". We used to only use that description for the "More Info" section on your Online Bookings page, when you select a practitioner.

Now, it's even more useful! We've made that field a "placeholder", which means it can be used in your Letter Templates, Confirmation Emails, and Reminders! Here's an example of what that one can look like in your Practitioner page:

And then, used in an Appointment Reminder:

You can use this placeholder to make your communications even more personal! I'd love to see how everyone uses it in their clinics :)

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    We will try to use this for Practitioner's qualifications / degrees / Post-nomials, although ideally we'd like some more fields, including one specifically for the above, as well as one for Practitioner middle initial/name (eg if a practice has two practitioners with the same name)

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