Improved layout for the Invoice actions

When viewing an invoice there can be quite a few actions you can choose from on the top right of the page. Depending on the status of your invoice there could be more buttons up there than will fit. When that happens the buttons end up in an awkward stack up there.

We've updated this to let the buttons collapse into a drop-down menu when there isn't room for all of them. So if you are using a small screen and wondering where your favorite invoice action is, just click the "Actions" menu in the top right.

Invoice actions

To help conserve space we've also renamed a few of the buttons.

  • "Enter payment" is now "Pay"
  • "Book next appointment" is now "Book appointment"
  • "Email to patient" is now "Email patient"
  • and "Email to other" is now "Email other"
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    We've updated this so that the drop-down menu button reads "Actions" instead of "Options". We also fixed a little visual bug introduced by this change where other pages with long title's (like really long patient names) were wrapping multiple lines when there was room in the title area for it to fit.

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