Improvements to Xero item syncing

A little background:

When we sync billable items and products to Xero, we check if they currently exist in Xero based on the product or billable item's "item code". Let's say you had a product in Cliniko with an item code of "Foo", we would then look for an item in Xero with an item code of "Foo". If it was found in Xero we would then link them up, if not we would create the item in Xero. If however, the item code in Xero was "FOO" (all capitals), the find would fail, because we were looking for "Foo"... then we would try to create the item in Xero and it would fail, because "FOO" actually exists. Confusing and frustrating, I know!

With the new improvements we just released, we now lookup and sync item's without case sensitivity ... so "Foo" will link up with "FOO" 💃

Also, we fixed some table styling on patients and billable items which was causing them all to be grey... now the tables are properly striped!

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