Book patients into multiple group appointments!

After the launch of group appointments, we got a lot of requests for the ability to book patients into multiple appointments at the same time. We're happy to announce that we've just released this feature!

When adding a patient to a group appointment, you'll now have an option for adding to multiple appointments. If the appointment is in a repeat series, you'll be prompted for a number of appointments to book this patient into.

To see which appointments will actually be booked, you can toggle open the list of appointments in the summary box.

You'll be warned if any of the appointments are full and given the option to book the patient into them anyway. You'll also be warned if the patient is already attending any of the appointments.

If you're not booking into consecutive repeats, you can select specific appointments instead. When selecting specific appointments, you can filter the results by practitioner, weekday, and if they're in this repeat series.

For appointments not in a repeat series, you'll see the selection view by default instead of choosing by number.

This was a tough workflow to get right, but we think we've struck the right balance of simplicity and power. As always, let us know what you think!

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    Tyraus Farrelly

    This is a great addition to the group bookings, well done!
    One potential improvement would be to the edit / cancellations of group bookings. Once a patient has been inserted in a multiple group booking, if you need to edit or cancel all or part of the booking for that patient, how can this be done. I can only see the option to cancel each particular booking one at a time.
    Cheers, Tyraus

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    Stuart Hart

    Well done team Cliniko! Spot on.
    Haven't done payments yet, will do this for the September Courses - fingers crossed.

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