​It’s now easier for patients to book the next available appointment, online!​

We’ve just made a highly requested change to Cliniko online bookings! If the patient doesn't mind who they see, they can now choose "Any practitioner".

Once that option has been selected the patient chooses a time slot suitable for them and if more than one practitioner is available at this time, they are given the option of whom to see:

If only one practitioner is available, Cliniko will go straight to the patient details form so the booking can be confirmed, at which point the patient can see the practitioner they are booked in with at the bottom of the page in the appointment summary.

This should help you with filling up those time slots that otherwise could have been missed! We hope this helps you to gain more online bookings!

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    Annette Sayers

    Yeah, great news. Made my day. I was just about to send feedback that we need this feature added asap as I was losing business with the multiply practitioner and was look at other online systems that would facilitate our needs. I requested it 2 years ago but so happy it has finally been added & completed. Thanks Cliniko

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    Good update; Is this something that will be on our portal automatically or do we need to ask for it?

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    Katie Faulkner

    Hey Damien, It's aliiivvveeee....and what I mean by that is that there is no need to do anything, it is already live on your online bookings page (assuming you have online bookings set up!) Cheers, Katie :)

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