New feature: Data Exports can include deleted records

Over the past month, we've had several requests from customers who needed to look at which appointments or invoices had been deleted over a certain period, usually to determine if they had been deleted in error.

We were usually able to produce this data by manually checking our database, but these requests became frequent enough that we decided to make it an official feature of Cliniko.

Now, when you access the Settings > Data Exports screen as an admin, the first thing you'll notice is the new look for the Data Exports controls:


Exporting data works the same way it did before, but now when you mark the "include deleted records" checkbox, those records will be added to the resulting CSV file along with a couple of extra columns: a "Deleted?" column at the beginning, and a "Deleted At" column at the end:




The first column will contain the word "DELETED" if the record in question has been marked as deleted in our database, allowing you to see its state without having to scroll all the way to the right for complex records. It also allows you to filter and sort the export using the spreadsheet program of your choice.

The last column contains the date and time in which the record was marked as deleted.

We hope this feature is useful to you! In the near future, we'll also add a third column containing the name of the user who deleted the record, for those record types that support the "paper trail" feature (appointments and invoices, at the time of writing).


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