Print font size, style updates, and some bug fixes

We've just released a handful of small but helpful updates. Here's the breakdown...

Font size for printing

Some people noticed that the report update from earlier this week made the text on their print outs a bit smaller. We've tracked down the cause of this and fixed it so the text should be the same size it was before the reports layout updates.

Style updates

We've improved the look of a few tables in Cliniko — simple changes like making sure columns with numbers are right aligned so it's easier to read.

Since the first column of each row in the tables is actually the "heading" for that row we've made it bold and given it a bit more room. This makes it easier to read through all of your rows of data.

The account statement filters can now be collapsed from view by clicking on it's blue header.

Bug fixes

When you print the Recalls report we've added back the column that let's you know if you've actually recalled a patient.

The practitioner revenue reports now correctly calculates the total count of invoices in the report description.

And lastly, the "View log" button on a patient's Appointment table now works correctly as you scroll through multiple pages of appointments.

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    Marie Formisano

    Re The Font size: The Daily Payments Report font size for the date needs to be enlarged as it is almost impossible to see on the top of the report.If not emnlarged then at least in Bold as some of the rest of the Report. Thanks. Marie

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    That's fixed now Marie. Cheers!

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