Report layout updates

No more toggle row button

Several of the reports in Cliniko have a lot of data to show in each row. It's certainly a design challenge to get it to all fit. During the last reports update a couple days ago we moved notes which can often be too long to their own row. We did this in the interest of providing the easiest to read formatting for both screen and print. We've listened carefully to the feedback you all have given us and decided to make some changes to make this better.

Now, the "add-on" row looks nested within the row it belongs to. We've also done away with the toggle button (who likes extra clicks... no one that's who). All of your data is visible and it's easy to see what belongs where. This change affects both the screen and print layouts.

Report filter layout improvements

We've also improved the layout of the report filter items at the top of the report page to prevent things like the date select input from taking up too much room while leaving less room others.

Daily payment summary easier to read

The Daily payment report summary section was a bit hard to read if you were using a large monitor. This layout has been optimized to make that easier to read across the row without all of the space in between.

Bug fixes

We also fixed a few bugs along with this release.

  • Unavailable appointment blocks will now correctly show in the appointment schedule.
  • The message on the "Practitioner revenue by closed invoices" now correctly indicates that the report includes invoices that were "closed" within the selected period
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    Well done team. You listen to your customers and then actually DO something about it. No wonder Cliniko is getting noticed.

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    Marie Formisano

    The Daily Payments Summary is much better on the screen but the Print out needs revision.Need to have the $Amount as viewed on the Screen. Also the Heading could do to be a bit clearer. Need the Date and Business to Stand out as that is what you are concerned with when initially looking at the report.Thanks Marie

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    Hi Marie. We've fixed that up. We left some space next to the table on the print out to as we've heard many clinics like to take notes in this section as they are tallying up the day's payments.

    And thanks for the kind words Phillip!

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    Hi Guys

    The Daily Payment printout needs to have the date in the same point size as the title of the report so it stands out from any other Daily Payment you may have placed on the desk, no point in giving us eye strain to find which report is which :-) Thanks!!

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    We've just increased the size of the report description across all of the report print outs. Hope that helps.

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