Reports layout and table styles improved

We have a big change to reports going out today. We've improved the layout, the look and functionality of the tables, the print styles, added some new features, and more. Read on for the low-down.

Table styles match the rest of Cliniko tables

All of the tables have the same look in Cliniko now. This makes it easier for us to update the styles across the app and gives you a consistent viewing experience. The tables adapt to the size of your screen and are mobile accessible.

New table styles

Along with this update is an app-wide change to make the text in the tables more readable by increasing the space between lines of text that wrap. At the same time we want to make sure we are not wasting space so we've made the space between the table columns and rows a bit smaller so you can fit more in on smaller screens.

New space-concious reports layout

Since so many of our reports have a lot of data we've done everything we can to give the table as much room as possible. We've moved the report filters to the top of the page instead of taking up valuable horizontal space in their own column on the left.

Some of the reports include fields that could have a lot of text in them which would cause the layout to be quite squished and barely readable. Any tables that have notes are now viewable by clicking a "Notes" toggle button on the right of the row. This will show the extra information in an add-on row below that row. If there are no notes or extra info no toggle button will be present.

Improved report page descriptions

We've given all of the reports clear, human-readable descriptions based on the filters you have selected so it's easy to understand what data is being pulled into the report. This is especially helpful when you print the report.

Collapsible sections that hide from print

We've had numerous requests to add an option to hide certain sections of various reports from the print view. This is most often the report summary. So we've added a hide/show button that will let you hide that that section from the report. On the screen it just looks collapsed in case you want to open it again but in the print view it is completely gone.

We've done the same for reports that show graphs or charts. If the chart isn't used at the top (as a summary item) then it will be in a box with a blue header. You can collapse/hide these boxes too by just clicking on the header.

We've also taken care to not show charts that don't have any data so you aren't having to scroll through empty charts if there is nothing to see.

Improved print layouts

We know that sometimes you need to print your reports so we've taken special care to make the print view as space conscious as possible. After all we don't want you using any extra paper that you don't have to. In addition to optimizing the layout of the report title and description we've made sure that any rows that have extra data (like notes mentioned above) have the possibly hidden rows shown in the print view.

If you are wondering where the print button went, it's up top in the page header (by the report title). It's the same place where we put page actions on other pages, so that's now consistent with the rest of Cliniko.

New features

The Appointment schedule now lists all attendees names if the appointment is a group booking. Just click the "More info" toggle on the row to see them all (and any notes you have on the appointment).

The Patients without upcoming appointments report can now be filtered to exclude patients with an active recall scheduled.

hide patient recalls

All reports with addresses have improved formatting for the address so if you copy and paste the address you'll have the line breaks where you expect them.


Thanks for making it through that release note. Cheers!

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  • Avatar
    Marie Formisano

    Have used the Daily Payments Report on I Mac. The date space takes up a large amount of space while it is not possible to see the name of the Business in full.
    The printed report didn't look too flash either.
    Sorry to be negative.Marie

  • Avatar

    Same issue as Marie Formisano is emulated in Google Chrome. The Date filter field is much larger than needed for this fixed width parameter and takes away space from the business name field which has variable (and most probably) larger width requirements. no issues with the print view. Otherwise, great improvements.

  • Avatar
    Ian Lawson

    Yep. What's with the massive amounts of white space? It used to be a neat table on the daily payments summary, where the number (eg. total cash for the day) was right next to the heading that said "Cash". Now the number is a mile away from the heading on the other side of the screen. Harder to read!!

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback guys. The date filter taking up too much space has been fixed and the Daily payments report summary now has it's column width in check. Cheers!

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