Xero invoice rounding fix

First a little background... when we sync invoices from Cliniko to Xero, we pass the details of the invoice line items to Xero, and Xero then calculates the invoice total on their end.  The majority of the time, the invoice total that Xero calculates equals the invoice total in Cliniko.  

There are some cases in which Cliniko and Xero round line items differently… neither approach is necessarily incorrect, just slightly different.  This can happen if you have a unit price that has more than 2 decimal places.  In these instances, Xero’s total might be a cent or two off of Cliniko’s total.

Now, we are following Xero’s best practice for resolving these rounding differences.  If Xero’s invoice total is within 5 cents of Cliniko’s total, we will add a rounding line item to Xero’s invoice, to ensure the total matches the value in Cliniko.

Happy syncing!

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