Add Clients to your Group Appointments

Adding clients to a group appointment is slightly different than your usual appointments! Here's how:

  1. Go to one of your pre-existing Group Appointments
  2. Click on the Appointment and you'll be faced with the following screen
  3. From there, click Add Client
  4. Search for and select your Client and add in a Client-specific note, if you like

    You can also create new Clients at this stage, if they aren't in your list of clients!
  5. Click Add To Group to add them to the Appointment!

More Options!

From there, you'll be able to see the people in your Group Appointment. 

You'll be able to click on the More Info option to see all of the usual options, such as the client Arrived button, as well as the options to create an Invoice or a Treatment Note.

To change the Note you have written about a client, click on the pencil icon:

To delete someone from the Group Appointment, click on the "x" and then Remove:

And that's about it! Have fun with your Group Appointments, and if you have any questions at any stage, let our support team know!

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