Add Your Group Appointments to your Calendar

Before you can start booking people into all of your awesome Group Appointments, you'll have to make sure that your schedule is set for each time period that your group appointments are on. Here's how:

  1. Head to the Appointments page
  2. Find the date you wish to book the class appointment for (you can use the arrows to toggle between months, and the blue circle will indicate the selected date)
  3. Click on the relevant time slot 
  4. Select the appropriate Group Appointment Type from the "Type" drop down bar

    You'll note that you cannot add in a Client at this stage. You will need to set up your Group Appointment before you can add anyone in!
  5. At this stage, you can also alter your default Maximum Amount of Clients for this Group Appointment.

    This will not alter the Default Maximum as previously set up in the Group Appointment Type
  6. If this group appointment is on the same time each week, set your Repeat settings, or skip this if it is a one-off
  7. Create that Group Appointment!

And that's it. You now have some open Group Appointments in which you can book in your Clients. Let's move onto how to add Clients to a Group Appointment!

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