Big visual update to Patient pages

We are releasing a big visual change to the Patient sub-pages today. Now all of the patient pages fit in with the same page layout as the rest of the app. The two biggest changes are to the patient navigation menu and to Treatment notes.

Patient layout and menu

In our effort to make Cliniko work on all screen sizes the layout of all patient pages is now flexible to make the content fit the size of your screen. You can find "breadcrumb" links in the header to help you contextualize where you are and navigate back to the main Patients index.

The patient menu has been completely redesigned to better match the look of the rest of the app. Depending on the size of your browser window you might think that the patient menu is missing. Don't worry, it's still there collapsed under the Patients menu button below the patient's name and medical alerts. Click the button to expand and collapse the menu.

If you are using a smaller screen you might also notice that the long toolbars (like the one on the the Patient details page in the screen shot above) is collapsed under a drop down button called Options.

Medical alerts

Medical alerts have been redesigned to be more visually apparent (since these often have critically important information). We've also made sure that they always fit on the page so you don't have any important medical alert info going past the edge of your window.

Treatment notes redesigned

Treatment notes have been redesigned to match the styles of the rest of the app and to maximize the space you have to write them while still viewing previous notes. If you are writing a new note (or editing a draft note) and using a smaller screen the previous notes are located below your current note's form.

Where did the Account statement link go?

You will find everything is mostly where it used to be except the Account statement link that used to be in the patient toolbar is now in the patient menu in between Payments and Recalls.

We hope you enjoy the new, more tidy Patient pages as much as we do.

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    We've updated the treatment note form to make the long answer text area's shorter so you don't have to scroll as much if you aren't using all of them.

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    David Birley

    WOW!!! I can only image just how many lines of code it took to integrate this one.... Well Done!!!

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    felix ladyzhenskii

    I appreciate the effort, However, the previous color schemes was much easier to see and navigate. Now that everything has white background, its takes more time to find things....

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    Some more updates on this one:
    - Previous notes always show up if there are any
    - Jumping through multiple pages of previous notes no longer causes the page to refresh
    - Recalls delete is working properly again

    Thank you for any feedback. We are listening.

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    Shea Trattler

    I would agree with Felix. I like the idea of updating the notes and like the added space for notes but find it more difficult to navigate now.

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    Nick Murray

    Not liking the yellow highlighting around the numbers on the patient page. Having the numbers the same colour/style as the headings *to me* makes them easier to read.

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