Faster browsing of paginating tables + layout fixes

All tables that have multiple pages of results will now load the content onto the page without a page refresh so navigating around multiple pages of items is faster and more fluid.

Along with this update is a few other small fixes:

  • The page header will always be below modal pop-up windows
  • The spacing at the bottom of the toggle-able patient sub-nav (on smaller screens) is fixed

Have a good one!

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    Marie Formisano

    Not sure what this relates to. Thought it might be the recall and patients without appointments. Pls Advise. Marie

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    Hi Marie. Sorry for the confusion. This update affects all pages in Cliniko that have a table list (like patients, recalls, invoices, products, letters, etc)... if you have a lot of items in the list you'll see numbered links below the table that allow you to see more pages of items. Clicking these links now reloads the table without refreshing the page.

    Basically Cliniko will be faster for you to see older data in big table lists. Hope that clears it up for you. Hope you have a great day Marie!

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