Billable item Import

Today we've taken a small step to increase the amount of information you can add in bulk to Cliniko, starting with Billable Items!

This will function much like our other import tools, but can be used to upload a large number of billable items and item codes in one quick go.

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    Hi Jim, sounds useful. If you keep your billable items on a master spreadsheet and then upload a newer version of the spreadsheet, will there be an option to ignore entries already on Cliniko? (ie to avoid duplicates)

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    Jim Sadusky

    There' not at the moment, though that seems useful for just about all of the imports. Thanks for the suggestion!
    I'm going through and trying to add more import tools first - so that you can carry more information from another system, or from one Cliniko account to another. Once that's done, making improvements like that seems like a natural next step.

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