Patient details layout updated

We've updated the design of the Patient details and Add new patient / Edit patient form to match with our current styles. This change continues to lay the foundation for making Cliniko one single app that adapts to the size of your device.

The Patient details page now shows you only the information you have added for a patient so you won't see a bunch of empty placeholders if you don't need them.

We've also updated the Patient appointments table to make it easier to see the appointments that were cancelled or where the patient "did not arrive".

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    There was a bug in this change preventing the New patient form from showing. It's fixed now.

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    Valerie Tan

    The referral details aren't very clear now. They just show up under the General section and aren't specified as a referral.

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    Tracy Lawrence

    I have the same comment as Valerie. 

    Edited by Tracy Lawrence
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    Thank you for the feedback Valerie and Tracy. We've released an update that gives Referral details it's own section so it should be easy to spot it now. We've also made a few other changes based on customer feedback yesterday:

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