Bug Fix in SMS Reminders

In addition to the updates you see here daily, we're always making behind the scenes changes to Cliniko in order to support those bigger features we have coming down the line. These changes are not meant to alter Cliniko's behaviour in any way, but one of them caused some appointment reminders to be sent multiple times since it was introduced in January 25th.

This happened because Cliniko was sending a new reminder whenever any appointment detail was updated, not just when its start time changed. In addition to being annoying, this was also a bit costly to those customers who send SMS reminders, since those repeated reminders wasted SMS credits.

We tracked this bug down today and stomped it, returning Cliniko's behaviour to what it's supposed to be. We also did some sleuthing to find out which accounts lost SMS credits to the bug while it was live. We have reimbursed the lost credits to the affected customers, and added 25 extra credits to each of them as an apology.

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