New practitioner performance report

We've just added an exciting new report! It's not exciting because it has fancy charts or colors (although it does have those things), it's exciting because it gives you really useful business information that you can act upon. That's quite unique as far as reports go.

So this report focuses on practitioner performance. It gives you overall summary information at the top. That information will show you for a given period of time, per practitioner:

  • The total revenue generated
  • The number of appointments they've had
  • How many patients did not arrive (and the % that is of total appointments)
  • How many were new patients (and the % that is of total appointments)
  • How many cancelled (and the % that is of total appointments)

But wait! Theres more!!!!!

We then have a series of charts that plot this information over time, so you can see trends (hopefully of improvement).

The charts are:

  • Revenue over time, per practitioner
  • Appointments over time, per practitioner
  • Did not arrives over time, per practitioner
  • New patients over time, per practitioner
  • Cancellations over time, per practitioner

You can choose the date range for this report. If you choose a month or less, the data points for the charts will be daily. If you choose more than a month but less than a year, it will be weekly data points. If you choose a year or more, then we'll show you monthly data points.

Also on these charts, you can choose to show or hide practitioners from the chart by clicking their name in the legend below it. Hovering over any data point will give you the details of it.

You can see an example report here, it's a bit of a long one, so get scrolling!

This report is a big step forward in Cliniko helping you manage your business better. We're not done though, so we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below about what else you need in this type of reporting.

Hint: We're already planning to add "rebooking rates" to this report.


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    Joel Friedlaender

    We just released a fix for the number of appointments, it was including "unavailable blocks", it no longer does.

    There is a known issue with the "New patients" numbers, a fix is coming soon for them, they are currently showing higher than they should.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    The "New patients" metric has now been fixed. Sorry!

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    James Dodd

    Hi there... Hope you are well.... going forward... I would love to be able to see how many times each new patient was seen by each individual practitioner. Maybe in a certain time frame? This sort of stat would help us (and many others) to see how each practitioner is performing or maybe highlight issues with the management of patients.... would this be possible? thanks

  • Avatar

    Hi Joel,

    where is this report located? I was just about to submit a request to ask about how i get some of this info.


  • Avatar

    Cancel that - sorry just found it :)

    VERY happy with this new feature!!!! :)

    Edited by Jenn
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