New page layouts for Invoices, Payments, and the Dashboard

We have some design improvements going live today. Invoices, Payments, and the home page Dashboard / Message board are now using our most recent styles and layouts. We've clean up the design of the pages and the form to make it easier to read and use no matter what screen size you are on.

Toolbar buttons for the page are now located in the top right corner of the page header.

We've also updated the note styles to look a bit cleaner.

We hope these changes make Cliniko easier to use for newcomers and veteran users alike!

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    Joel Friedlaender
    We had a bug that caused some peoples invoices to be off by 1 cent. This has now been fixed. If you have any invoices affected, you can edit them and remove then add the billable item to have it fixed. Or you could delete and recreate the invoices. Sorry for the trouble with this!
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    Marie Formisano
    Hi, New lay out working fine. Maybe it's my old eyes BUT could the Payment Source wording be darker or somehow more defined? Marie
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    Hi Marie. Thanks for the feedback. We're going to leave the color as is for now but we'll definitely take it into consideration for a future update.
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