A few tweaks for printing the Practice Revenue report

We've just made a few little tweaks to make printing the Practice Revenue report much more fun!  Well maybe not more fun, but at least more readable.

The changes are:

  • You can now hide the chart.  I know... the chart is amazing, why would you hide it.  Well, apparently some people don't like wasting paper when printing the report.
  • We made an aesthetic change to the way the table prints, it now no longer goes off the side of the page and you can see every column. We think this looks much better, we hope you agree!
  • When printing with the chart still visible, and if on a big screen, the entire date range you have selected is now shown in the chart.

What are you waiting for, go print your Practice Revenue report!

P.s. we encourage the use of recycled paper or even better, not printing the Practice Revenue report.

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