Added totals to the new practitioner performance report

We added totals to the top table on the new practitioners performance report.

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    Casey Truffo

    Hi guys!

    I have been longing for this report and trying to do it manually for a couple of years now. So I am pretty excited!

    That said, can you please tell me

    1. Re new you identify a 'new patient' - your numbers on the report seem different than mine. If a client books on the physical day of Feb 25 for an appointment date of March 1, is the new client counted in Feb when they signed up or March when they have their first appt?

    Also, if a client had a session 6 months ago and rebooks 6 months later, are they considered a new patient?

    2. Re cancellations ... Say a client has several sessions booked in the future (in essence we are holding the spot for them) and they decide not to return...if we cancel all the remaining appts, will all those show up on this report as cancellations when they are cancelled? Or would they show as cancellations in the month where they were originally scheduled? We routinely book appointments (to hold a time slot) for 10 weeks...meaning 10 sessions out. If a client decides not to return and we cancel those 10 sessions, say on Feb 29th, will those 10 sessions go under cancellations for Feb since that was the date we cancelled them in the system -- or for 5 in March, and 5 in April when the appt dates were?

    3. Do archived patients get pulled up in these totals?

    thanks in advance. As always, you guys rock!

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Casey,

    1. It's based on when they have their first appointment. This is so we don't count someone that gets added to your system, but never has an appointment. We won't count their rebook 6 months later, only their first time having an appointment.

    2. We work on the date/time the cancellation was made, not when the appointment was scheduled.

    3. Archived patients would be included, as the data is coming from the appointments primarily, not from the patient list.

    I hope that info helps.


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