Settings redesign

We've got a big change to all of the settings pages. The first thing you'll notice is that the settings menu has been replaced with a more colorful and logically organized index page that links to all of the settings sub-pages.

New page layout

We're also introducing a new page layout that you'll be seeing implemented across Cliniko. This layout is responsive by default. That means it will adapt to your screen size. This is a big step forward to making the Cliniko desktop app work smoothly on phones and tablets.

The new layout features a standardized header and placement of the toolbar buttons at the top. For sub-pages where you might need to navigate back to a page higher up in the hierarchy we now have breadcrumb navigation just under the page title. This makes it easier to understand where you are in the app and to jump back to where you were.

We've also brought in a page footer that highlights useful guides on our support site and points out useful next steps when appropriate. This will be especially helpful for new users and will make your navigating to the logical next step simpler for everyone.

New easy to read layouts and forms

All of the settings pages forms have been designed to adapt to your screen size as well as be consistent with the look of Cliniko. We'll be porting this look over to other pages soon.

New accessible table design

Tables on the settings pages are now built with HTML tables which makes them more accessible to all users, even those with visual impairments who use screen readers.

You might notice that the entire table row is no longer a clickable link to edit that item. Instead you can click on the first cell in the row (usually the name for row) and navigate to the detail page for that item as usual. This also makes the tables more usable on touch screens by helping to avoid unintentional clicks to the detail pages.

We'll be moving all of the tables in Cliniko to this new format so that everything matches and feels consistent. 

This change makes the tables improved for all devices, more usable, and greatly improves accessibility for users with impairments.

More to come

We're really excited about these changes to Cliniko. This is a big step forward in making one version of Cliniko that works on all screen sizes and devices. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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