Adding a Note to an Appointment

When you create an Appointment, it can be useful to include a Note! A Note can be seen by anyone looking at the Appointment, and can be a handy reference. For example, a Note could indicate that a Patient has requested something specific, or perhaps that they noted they might be running late on this particular day. Notes are for internal use only, so the Patient will never see the content of a Note on their Invoices or any other Communications you may send out to them.

To add a Note to an appointment, follow these steps!

  1. Create an Appointment
  2. In the "Note" field, type your Note
  3. Click the "Create appointment" button
  4. On the Appointment Calendar, the Appointment Block will now have a little symbol to indicate that there's a Note attached (if you'd like to learn more about what other symbols can be included on Appointment Blocks and what they mean, you can find out here)
  5. When you click on the Appointment Block, the Appointment itself will now include the Note

That's all you need to do! Feel free to head on over to the Calendar & Scheduling section to learn more about Appointment management!

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