Fixes and Enhancements for "Copy Treatment Note" function.

Recently, a few users who clicked on the "Copy Previous Note" link while editing a treatment note complained that they couldn't undo the copy and get their previous note text back.

The root of the problem is that copying from a previous note is a destructive operation. The old content of the note is permanently replaced with the copy, and this happens as soon as the link is clicked. Normally this isn't an issue, but if someone clicks that link by mistake while editing a note, they can end up losing important work!

To prevent that from happening, clicking the link now causes a confirmation dialog to appear, asking if you're really sure you want to do it. If you clicked the link by mistake, you can press Cancel and nothing will happen to the note. We will of course be working on a better fix, but this dialog should prevent any more accidents in the meantime. We also fixed the bug which prevented the note's content from being updated in the list page.


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    Dr. Derek Lee

    I'm having issues with the fix. The "Copy Previous Note" freezes the note when clicked. I've tried exiting and then clicking the file on the dashboard but this does not resolve the problem. I was able to finish the 2 notes that froze on a 2nd computer but the problem persists. Can you kindly fix this so I can complete the 50 files that are waiting.

    The dialogue box that opens is a adds another click/step to the process. It was fine before. I hate to say it but why inconvenience the rest of us who have been using this program for a while without any issues. If a new user screws up they'll learn soon enough. End of vent.

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