Some design updates and bug fixes

We have a few minor updates for you...

  1. The field for 2 factor authentication verification code will now default to the number keyboard on a mobile device. That makes it a lot easier to type that in.
  2. We improved the look of the availability settings widget when you have errors showing (like you've selected a beak time that is outside your available time). Those errors were breaking the layout before, but now they look great!
  3. We fixed a few Settings pages that were sending users to "page not found" when there was errors on the page.
  4. We fixed the editing of treatment note templates to correctly save changes to question and section ordering when you save the template with the "Update template" button at the top of the screen.
  5. We fixed data exports so that it automatically shows you progress and updates when the export is finished generating, even if it's your first export.
  6. We made a slight change to the products widget on the Add expense page to not unnecessarily expand to fill all the way across your screen.
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    We decided to change the 2FA fields back to a regular input field. Although the number keypad is nicer on mobile the 2FA backup codes sometimes have letters too.

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