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Calendar background and events restyle

We've just released a small visual update for the appointments calendar.  The changes you might notice are:

  • We've introduced a more eye-catching yellow header for today's column.
  • Changed the style for unavailable times and blocks to a distinctive striped pattern, to better separate them from appointments.
  • The calendar events have been simplified to make the calendar easier to read and work with.

Here's how that looks:

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  • Avatar
    F johns

    Never really commented on your design changes before in regards to the calendar but feedback from the team is not great at all.

    We have 11 practitioners in one clinic and so now we cannot read anything on a 3 or 6 day view. Also its to bright. the contrast between the appointments and the unavailable is not great at all.

    Everyone of the team says the grey needs to be darker.
    Even if you turn down the brightness its difficult to read and quite hard on the eyes.

    Overall not pleased

  • Avatar
    Luke Selby

    I have to agree: The striping for unavailable blocks makes things very difficult to read and much less distinctive from appointments than the previous dark grey. Before I got the notification both I and a colleague thought the layout was due to a problem with the monitor! Please give us back boring old block grey !!!

  • Avatar
    Kim Garnham

    Sorry but we hate it, the stripes give us a headache and the whole thing is almost imposible to read especially on an ipad.

  • Avatar
    Courtney Lyons

    I actually thought i had something wrong with my browser when it refreshed before! I came on here when it wouldn't resolve to see if anything was going on.
    The stripes seem quite difficult to see! I'm worried the reception girls will struggle to see the contrasting colours between available spots and unavailable..I feel it needs to be much darker in colour. Must admit i preferred it how it was before

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    Louise Camp

    Please remove the change you have made for the unavailable times. It does not serve your intention - it is not distinctive from the set non-available times and the stripped pattern is very uncomfortable on the eyes - and from the other comments is giving everyone a headache.

    Your previous UI did the job perfectly - please return to the dark grey!

  • Avatar
    F johns

    Our receptionist wears glasses and she said its making her feel quite uneasy and making her eyes go funny...

  • Avatar

    Many thanks for the feedback folks. We've stripped out the unpopular stripes and put the contrast back the way it was. Hopefully the eye strain and headaches will pass :(

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    F johns

    This looks much better! :)

  • Avatar
    F johns

    Feedback which is positive is:

    • Gap down side of appointment look bigger which is great
    • Square designs is very nice
    • Darker grey on unavailable is much better
    • Colour highlighter at bottom when hovering over appointment is nice
    • Bounce still works and is very easy to work with and great you have kept it
    • The fact the manual created unavailable is darker than the normal unavailable is great as the contrast is much easier to see now then before, really stands out!

    NICE WORK!!! all the team have said its lovely (after your little change back from eye popping stripes).

    Thanks for listening :)

  • Avatar

    Not at all, thank you for contributing :)

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    Kristen Edwards

    We find it harder to read. There is a white line between appointments as many are the same colour but it runs into the time so looks like the display is out of whack! Not sure if we can revert to how it was before. Much preferred!

  • Avatar
    Paolla Limy Matsuura Alberton

    I don't know if I'm just a perfeccionist, but that white vertical line separating the columns make me feel as if something isn't fitting well (why just on the right side, why not on both sides?).

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