Online bookings supports AdRoll

Our guide, Add AdRoll to Online Bookings, is available here

We've just made a small change to online bookings that lets you include an AdRoll SmartPixel on your bookings pages.

AdRoll is an advertising platform that primarily lets you use "retargetting". This is where you can track people that have visited your website or online bookings and not actually booked an appointment.

You can then show them ads in various places around the internet, reminding them of your business or services.

The SmartPixel that you can now include will tell AdRoll when they've booked their appointment, and to stop showing the Ads.

If you're keen to enable this, you'll of course first need an AdRoll account and campaign set up.  Then you can enter the AdRoll information in Settings > Online Bookings within Cliniko.  It looks like this...

Here is our guide about how you might use AdRoll to grow your business.

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