Merging Patients

Sometimes you end up with duplicated patients in your database. Instead of deleting one of the patients, Cliniko allows you to merge the two records.

Merging the patients means that any important information in both records is kept, for example: Appointments, Treatment notes, Invoices. 

If you do find yourself with duplicate patients, here's how to merge them:

  1. Select one of the duplicate patient records.
  2. Select 'merge' at the top of the patient record.
  3. Selecting merge will bring up a pop up showing your options for merging:
  4. Tick the patient you wish to merge with.
  5. Select 'merge patients', once the merge is complete you'll see a green confirmation message 

That's it! You now have one patient record fully up to date, and if this ever happens in the future you can just merge again! 

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