Default to current user schedule on the calendar page

When opening the calendar page for the first time on a browser, the practitioners list on the sidebar would have no practitioners selected but would still show their schedules. This odd behaviour has been changed, we now default to displaying only your schedule if you are a practitioner on that business or in case you are not, we default to selecting all the practitioners.

Another behaviour (a.k.a bug) that has been fixed is that the practitioners list preferences are now not only stored per browser but also per user, so if your computer is shared by multiple users the choices made by someone else will not affect your preferences!

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    Isabelle Kelly


    How can we change this back? My practice manager is having a hard time having to open every single practitioner's calendar again each time she loads the 'Appointments' tab. Is there a setting somewhere?

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    Jim Sadusky

    Your browser should remember your settings if you change the defaults - so if they open up all the calendars once, then it should stay that way, unless either someone closes them (while logged in as the Practice Manager), or their are using Cliniko while the browser is in "Incognito Mode". If you're still having trouble with this though, please email for some help!

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