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Advanced Welcome to Cliniko!

With the basics out of the way, you can get started on making sure that your account is set up efficiently and more personalised than ever! Here are a couple of articles to show how things can get connected and working smoothly. We'll also be constantly updating this list, so you can also come back and learn more!


Invoicing can be a tedious process, but we've got a couple of options at your disposal so that you can make it seamless!

Patient Management

You'll want to keep on top of making sure that your Patient has the best possible access to you. Here's a couple of ways that we can help out!


While Cliniko is your home base for all of your clinic management needs, there's a vast ecosystem being developed of other products that Cliniko integrates with, and products that have chosen to integrate with Cliniko. Here's some examples that we've worked on:

There's also a large variety of programs that have integrated with Cliniko! Here's a list of some of those:

Disclaimer: These companies are not owned by Cliniko, so it's wise for you to check them out yourself, and see if you trust them with your data. You will provide them with an API Key, which means they will have the same access to your data as yourself, so make sure that you trust the company before providing them with that access!

Need To Know More?

While our support site here is a wealth of knowledge and information, there's some information that only a Cliniko support team member would know! If you flick us an email, then we'll be able to assist with any further questions you might have!

However, now that you've set up your Cliniko account, you might need to know what your day-to-day activities will be. You can find more support articles in Training for Reception and our Training for Practitioners!

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