Changes to patient search in appointment and wait list forms

We've made some changes (mostly under the hood) to the patient search in the appointment and wait list forms.

If you use the keyboard to navigate through the results, you'll notice a change to the styling of the focus state as seen above. Otherwise, the search looks the same as before. If you're using a screen reader, though, you should find the new search much friendlier.

A few other things you might notice:

* The number of results has been reduced from too many to just right.

* Vague search terms no longer show the "too many patients match your search" message. Instead, you'll see the top results and can continue typing if the patient you're looking for isn't in those results.

* The pesky bug that would cause the search not to run if you've entered the same search term before has finally been squashed.

* The results in the wait list form are now in alphabetical order instead of arbitrary order.

We have not changed the underlying logic of our patient search and you should continue to see the same results as before for the same query.

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    Hi guys, wait list has been a great add on feature :)
    Is it possible to add the functionality of searching for appointment type?
    Thanks again Leona

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