Relate a Billable Item to an Appointment Type

Certain Appointment Types may always require the same Billable Item each time you invoice a Patient. When you create an Invoice from an Appointment Type, you can set things up so that the Invoice always defaults to a particular Billable Item. This can help to save time, because you won't need to key in the main Billable Item!

First things first, you'll need to set up your Billable Items. After you do that, follow the steps below to relate a Billable Item to an Appointment Type.

  1. Head to the Settings tab
  2. Click on Appointment Types
  3. Click on the Appointment Type in question

  4. Select the applicable Billable Item from the "Related billable item" drop-down menu
  5. Click the Update appointment type button
  6. Watch for the green success message to indicate that the Appointment Type was updated

That's all you need to do! Now, when you create an Invoice from an Appointment Type, the Invoice will automatically include this related Billable Item.

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