You can now rename the heading on Account Statements

We've been told that "Account Statement" is a fine title for most businesses, but some people want something a little more exciting on top of their Account Statements. You can now choose what is displayed.

I personally recommend "Albert", I think it's friendly but professional.  I know some people will just choose something boring like "Receipt" because it's more accepted by insurance companies.  Each to their own...

You can find this in Settings > Documents and Printing.


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    Joan Marsden

    So this is a step in the right direction. We would like to use this receipt for each and every appointment/payment. But it is way too cumbersome to get to, and when you do, the calendar is very difficult to work with. I want to access a receipt for today quickly, just like the invoice from the appointment screen. Sorry to nag, since you listened to me and made this change, but it’s still not going to work for me….

    I can see that invoice is the first step, but once a payment is applied, this should then be a receipt…is that possible?
    There are times when you want a statement that is titled account statement. I think there is a need to be able to provide an invoice, a receipt, and a statement….and that they are 3 different things.

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    This is great, we are a new practice and have just had all out Insurance Commission invoices sent back to us as they are unable to pay anything with 'statement' written on it! I am very glad we can change it otherwise we'd have to send each invoice individually using a lot of time, paper, and postage costs. Thanks :)

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