You can now allow receptionists to view patient file attachments

We just added a new setting that allows receptionists (and power receptionists) to view patient file attachments.

You can find this in Settings > General within Cliniko.

It looks kind of like this:

We also made another small change. Previously "power receptionists" could alter these permissions in Settings > General. That is no longer the case. You now must be an administrator to change these permissions.

Just to be clear, you do need to turn this on for any change to occur. If you do nothing, it will keep behaving like it did previously.

We know a lot of you wanted this change, we hope it's helpful.

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    F johns

    EPIC!!! Been waiting for sooo long for this!!! 5 stars awarded :) BOOM

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    Can you also allow us to allow receptionists to view letters created by practitioners? At the moment she can't even print and post letters that I have created - it seems a bit silly!

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