Import a Treatment Note Template

If you or one of your colleagues has exported a Treatment Note Template and wish to share it with someone or use it in your own Cliniko account, all you'll need to do is import the file! 

It's easy to import a Treatment Note Template that has already been created in Cliniko.

  1. Before anything else, be sure that the Template was exported from a Cliniko account.
  2. Head to Settings
  3. Click on Treatment Note Templates
  4. Click the "Import from Cliniko file" button
  5. Navigate to the area on your computer where the exported Template is stored (a good place to keep it would be on your desktop!). Select the file (it will be the .json file that had previously been exported from a Cliniko account), and import it. Below is an example of what the file selection window will look like on a Mac.
  6. Once imported, you'll see a green success message indicating that the Treatment Note Template has been created. 

Now that you've imported a Treatment Note Template, you'll be able to keep it as-is, or edit it to suit your needs!


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