Relating Patients to One Another

In some instances, you may have a group of Patients that you need to relate to one another. (Maybe a child and their parent comes to your clinic for joint treatments, for example.) We've made it easy to do this in Cliniko -- just follow the steps below!

  1. Select a Patient
  2. Edit their Patient Details
  3. Scroll down to the "Related Patients" heading and click "Add relationship"
  4. Use the search box to search for the other Patient you'd like to relate to the current Patient, and select the type of relationship from the drop-down menu (note that when setting up a relationship between Patients, all patients will need to already exist in your Patient database)
  5. Add as many additional relationships as you need
  6. When you're finished, be sure to hit the Save patient button
  7. Look for the green success message indicating that the Patient's details were successfully updated
  8. You'll now be able to see all related Patients, and their names will be links -- clicking these links will take you directly to that Patient's profile

That's it! You've related Patients to one another with just a few clicks. When you head to any of the newly-related Patients' details pages, you'll see that the relationships have automatically been applied -- so you won't need to re-add any relationships.

For more information on Patient Management, head over here!


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