We've just released a new feature called Recalls.

Now you can create a recall list so you remember to contact patients for their follow up visits.

How it works

You can set up your different types of recalls in Settings > Recall Types.

There will be a couple of default Recall Types already there to help get you started, but you can delete these, edit them, or create your own.

Then you can easily add a recall for a patient from the Patient's page > Recalls.

You can either leave the default duration based on the recall type, or you can set a custom recall date.

To see what recalls you need to do, you can go to Reports > Recalls.

You can filter the recall list here by:

  • Date range (to show all recalls due within a specific period)
  • Practitioner (only show recalls for a specific practitioners patients)
  • Business (only show recalls for a specific business location)
  • Recall type (only show recalls for a specific type of recall)

You can also mark the recalls as "Recalled" here.  This will put a time stamp on the recall and the initials of whoever did the recall.

The recalls are also all displayed per patient on the patient's page, they can be marked as "recalled" there too.

We think this is a great addition and will help a lot with making sure your patients come back for their follow up visits.

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  • Avatar
    Vicki Hayter

    Love it! Thank you! I've had a quick look and this will work for us.

  • Avatar
    Clive Andy Lomas

    Great addition! any chance we can have some sort of pop up reminder as well? or at least a flag on the Dashboard page?

  • Avatar
    Jay Ruddock

    Is it linked to the diary? As in, if a person doesn't attend will the system automatically flag up their non-attendance (once you set them up with the recall). If they then book in again will their recall date be automatically nudged back to the preset time?

  • Avatar
    Penelope Plant

    That's great guys! I agree with Clive a pop up would be an excellent addition. The only other thing I might suggest as an addition moving forward would be if you could add notes to the recall. Sometimes we call clients just to check in as opposed to making another booking. It would be nice to have this feature on the recall itself, rather than having to then back track through client notes to find out why we're actually calling them

  • Avatar
    Belinda De Rose

    Yes being able to ad notes would be a great help

  • Avatar
    Peak Health Services

    I'd like to third the adding notes motion! :)

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    What would be the difference between adding notes, and having different types of recalls? You could create one recall called "Follow up Appointment", while you have another called "Phone check-in" which should cover most of your situations.

  • Avatar
    Peak Health Services

    Oh dear, I just realised my adding notes suggestion is different to everyone elses! You're right, Jim, you could just create a new type of recall for each type of call.

    Normally I'll make a treatment note about the outcome of my calls and it would be nice to have a direct link to a new treatment note from the recalls report. If no one else needs it then I can just follow the link through to the client file and go to treatment notes from there. No problem.

  • Avatar

    Pop-up or Dashboard would be great!

  • Avatar
    Belinda De Rose

    I still feel that notes field would be more helpful otherwise i know for us we would have 50 million different Categories.
    Just to put notes for Cancelled due to work, Going away for 3 weeks, having surgery and is out of action for 5 weeks, Dealing with a death in the family, dealing with an unwell family member, laid off work and cant afford it at the moment.

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Oh, very cool idea Belinda. I wasn't actually thinking of using the recalls system for things like that, but that definitely brings clinic customer server options to a whole new level!

  • Avatar
    Damien Paynter (iPsych - Sturt Road Psychology)

    A 'Recalls' side bar in date order would be great and useful, as a reminder for staff to follow up. This could include the ability to tick when it has been actioned. Squash the 'Communications' side bar and add it up in the top right hand corner. That would be fantastic for productivity and a daily reminder and ease of access.

  • Avatar
    Marie Formisano

    Hi, recalls good . Any chance of adding the recall thru the appointment rather than or as well as patient details as we have an appointment type that needs a 12 month recall and it would be good to add at time of appointment completion. Marie

  • Avatar
    Nimrod Weiner

    This looks great! The start of a much needed implementation.

    A couple of suggestions that would make the feature far more valuable:
    - ability to set a recall from the Report > Clients without upcoming appointments
    - ability to set a recall from the Report > Recalls
    - on the Report > Recalls, as well as marking “recalled”, the ability to put a text comment about the recall (such as - Left Message; Away for X weeks; Will call us; Cannot afford care ATM....
    - on the Client > Add Recall, the ability to put a text comment about the recall
    - ability to add a person to the recall list directly from the Appointments > Cancel Appointment pop-up

  • Avatar
    Nimrod Weiner

    And another 2 suggestions:
    - In the Report > Recalls - ability to edit the recall
    - In the Report > Recalls show the last appointment and next appointment. An appointment may be made for someone after they've been put on the recall list, but not at the time of the recall. It would be very useful to see if someone does now have a future appointment, when going through the recall list.

  • Avatar
    Shannon Hawkerplacephysio

    +1 For pop up - on practitioner dashboard.
    Otherwise great feature!

  • Avatar
    Megan Petersen

    At our practise we agree with others that we would love a pop up or some type of flagging to show when patients need to be recalled, other than reporting.

  • Avatar
    Nimrod Weiner

    Hi, What happens to recalls that are marked as "Recalled"?
    It would be very very helpful to see the trail in a person's communication.

  • Avatar

    Hi, love this feature & missed its launch! Any chance of linking recalls to emails & enabling automatic sending out of same, in similar fashion to automatically generated & sent appointment reminders? I'm thinking this would greatly lessen burden on receptionist staff. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Bonnie Furzer

    Just following up some of the comments above - adding last and next appointment would make the recall feature a lot more user friendly.
    "In the Report > Recalls show the last appointment and next appointment. An appointment may be made for someone after they've been put on the recall list, but not at the time of the recall. It would be very useful to see if someone does now have a future appointment, when going through the recall list."
    At the moment (unless I am doing it wrong) the only way to check is a recall has been booked is looking at individual patient files.
    Kind regards, Bonnie

  • Avatar
    Wendy Watkins

    It would be really great if this could be linked to the diary so that if patients book in, the recall is cancelled or at least show next appointment on the recall list, also if you could have the option to set a recall when appointments are cancelled from the diary.

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