Send a Letter

After creating a Letter, you'll be able to send it to your Patient! You can download the Letter as a PDF and send it from an external email address, or you can send it directly from Cliniko. This article will walk through through how to send a Letter directly to your Patient from within Cliniko!

  1. Click on the Patients tab
  2. Select the Patient you'd like to send the Letter to (you can use the search bar at the top of the page to filter the list)
  3. Under Patient Details, click Letters

  4. Find the Letter that you'd like to send

    HINT: If there are a lot of Letters for any Patient, you can use the search bar to filter letters by any word or phrase.
  5. Click the Send as email button
  6. Enter the email address of whoever is going to be receiving the letter (if it's the Patient, you can click Add Patient's email and the email address field will populate with the email address that's on file for the Patient)
  7. Select how you want to send the Letter. You can send it as the content of the email itself, or as a PDF attachment to the email
  8. Click the Send email button

And that's it! After the Letter has been sent, you'll see a green success message indicating that the letter has been sent!

Letters can be an integral part of communication with any Patient! In case you missed it, you can learn how to create a Letter Template and create a Letter.

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