Setting Up Email Appointment Reminders

Cliniko offers you the ability to send automated Appointment Reminders out to your patients. In the same manner as SMS Appointment Reminders, you can set up Email Appointment Reminders.

  1. Head to the Settings tab
  2. Click on Appointment Reminders
  3. Under the General Settings, select Email as the Default reminder type

    HINT: Use the tickbox to the right of your default reminder type to change all of your existing patient's reminder types.  Once this change is done, the box will untick so you can change individual patients later.
  4. Scroll down to Email Reminders
  5. Ensure that the box next to Email enabled is ticked
  6. Edit the text of the Reminder

    Hint!: Use the drop-down menus to add a variety of placeholders, such as the Patient's name or the Appointment Start Time.

As always, click Save Appointment Reminders once you're done!

Opting Patients Out of Receiving Reminders

Generally speaking, you'll probably want your Patients to have the same Reminder type. Sometimes, however, there may be an instance in which certain Patients don't wish to receive reminders at all, or may only wish to receive a certain type of reminder (either Email or SMS). You can edit an individual Patient's reminder setting to customize what they receive.

  1. Head to the Patients tab
  2. Select the patient that you'd like to customize Appointment Reminder settings for
  3. Click the Edit details button
  4. Scroll down to Communication Preferences and select the Automated reminder type
  5. Be sure to save!

You can also set up SMS Appointment Reminders for your Patients. Click here to learn how.

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