How to Create Gift Vouchers

Cliniko doesn't currently support gift vouchers, but some clinics have been able to create a bit of a make-shift voucher that can work well enough.  Take a look over this article if you'd like to learn more on how to set up and use vouchers at your clinic!


  1. Create a product called "Gift Voucher" in the Products page
  2. Create a Letter Template (in Settings -> Letter Templates) called "Gift Voucher"

    This letter doesn't need to be too long, just have some information about the clinic, and some text to hold the value of the voucher and a reference number.

  3. Create a new patient called "Gift Voucher Sale"

When selling a voucher

Create the Invoice

  1. Head to the Invoices page
  2. Create a new Invoice
  3. Select the patient "Gift Voucher Sale"

    Note: If the person buying the voucher is one of your patients, you can also select them instead!
  4. Remove the billable item
  5. Add the product "Gift Voucher" to their invoice
  6. Adjust the price if needed
  7. Click Create Invoice

  8. Record the method of payment
  9. Click Save Payment
  10. Take note of the invoice#

Create the "Voucher"

  1. Head to your Patients page
  2. Choose the patient "Gift Voucher Sale"
  3. Select Letters

  4. Create a letter using the template "Gift Voucher"

    Add into the text of the letter the value of the gift voucher and the Invoice# from the sale.  You can also include an expiration date if you'd like.

  5. Print or email this "Voucher"

When Redeeming a voucher

  1. Head to your Invoices page
  2. Find for the Reference Number on the voucher

    and enter it into the search bar for invoices
  3. Select that invoice
  4. Click Edit Invoice

    Note: Only Administrators and Power Receptionists are able to edit invoices.  If you don't see this edit button, you'll need to note the voucher for your account owner to update
  5. Add a note to indicate the voucher has been redeemed

  6. Click Update Invoice
  7. Click Return to invoices
  8. Create an invoice for the service
  9. Before saving the invoice, change the value of the product/service to zero
  10. Add a note on this invoice to say the product/service was paid for by a voucher
  11. Click Create invoice

We hope in the future to create a function which will properly handle vouchers, but until that's done, this should hopefully work for some of you!

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