Let Your Patients Cancel Their Appointments

Setting up patient online cancellations

Your Patients have the option of Cancelling Online.The following steps will allow you to enable Online Patient Cancellations, however it will be applicable all Appointments made within Cliniko, whether the were created by you and your Admin team or through the Online Bookings portal.

You do not need Online Bookings enabled to utilise this function! If you have Online Bookings set up, though, we'll provide the Patient with a re-book option at the completion of cancellation.

To let your Patients cancel Online, you will need your Confirmation Emails set up to go out at the time of booking. To do so, check our Set Up article for Confirmation Emails

  1. Head to Settings

  2. Click on Appointment Reminders.

  3. Scroll to the Confirmation Email text field

  4.  Using the Appointments drop down bar, select the Appointment.CancellationLink to place the link in your text field

  5. We suggest using a piece of text such as the following:

  6. Scroll down and hit Save Appointment Reminders

Specifying Minimum Notice Required

  1. Head to Settings

  2. Click on Online Bookings

  3. Choose Minimum Notice Required

    Our default is set to 1 day, however we have options from "Any Time", to hours, to days notice!

  4. Scroll down and hit Save Online Bookings Settings

At the time of Cancellation, the Patient will see a screen like this: 


That's it! Meanwhile, you can also set up Cancellation Notifications for Practitioners. You can find out how to do that right here.

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