Another change to how we load calendar data

We've updated how we load data for the calendar in order to speed it up a bit. You may also notice a new loading animation when opening an appointment.

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    clicking on patient names (to bring up the rest of their contact details - from a 6 day calendar view) seems to be slower today on my system. It seems to take longer to load up then previously - maybe just a few seconds slower

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    Luke MHC

    The calender, despite your stats for increased load times, is slower than ever for everything! Invoices, appointmenst etc.

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    John Colvin

    Hi Luke,

    I'm sorry this is causing you trouble. I'd be happy to look into the problem. Would you be able to provide us with a HAR file as outlined below? This will help us to see what, exactly, is taking up loading time.

    Here's how to do it:

    Open Google Chrome.
    Click on the "3 bars" bar in the upper right hand corner (here's a screenshot of what that looks like).
    Click on "More Tools" than "Developer Tools"
    Click on "Network", make sure "Preserve log" is checked and the red record light is on. Here is a screenshot as an example.
    Go to the appointments page and click around for a bit, you will see the log start to fill up below.
    Once complete, right click on the log area and click "Save as HAR with content".
    The file will save to your downloads directory, please email it to us at

    With that file, we'll be able to troubleshoot this issue for you.


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    John Colvin

    Hi Derek,

    Sorry I missed your comment from a while back. Since your comment, we changed the appointment to show most information immediately and only show a loader for the invoice and next appointment. You can see more info in the release note about that change:

    Did that change make things snappier for you?

    All the best,

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    HI John,

    I think it's been better overall since the original comment - not too many issues now. Mostly good, and it matches in with how i use cliniko and need to pull up patient details frequently.

    Cheers - thanks for the follow up

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