Select a Patient

In many cases, you need to find Patient information in a hurry or need to adjust the Patient Details. Here's how to find the "Patient Details" page from the Appointment Pop Up and from the Patients tab. 

  1. Head to the Appointments tab
  2. Click on existing Appointment

  3. Click on the Patient's name
  4. That's it!

If a Patient doesn't have an Appointment, you can find them from the Patients tab.

  1. Click on the Patients tab
  2. Enter any part of their name in the search bar at the top of the page to filter the list
  3. Click through on their name
  4. And there you are!

The Patient Details page contains a wealth of information and important links to other areas that are Patient-specific, such as Upcoming Appointments print-out, Account Statement, and Letter creation.

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