Cliniko Training for Reception Staff

Happy Admin = Happy Team

We all know that the Administrative team runs the ship at most Clinics. That's why we want to make sure that your team knows exactly how Cliniko works, and exactly how to make Cliniko work best for them! In this article, we'll highlight some of the areas that the Receptionist, Power Receptionist, and Administrator will encounter on the day-to-day, and how to manage those areas effectively.


Everything Appointment related!

  1. Start by creating a new Appointment for an existing Patient. 
  2. Learn what our symbols mean on the Appointment itself.
  3. When the Patient arrives, you might want to mark them as Arrived and update their details.

Patient Management

Keeping abreast of all your Patient details can be tricky. But here's some of the basics that you'll be doing inside Cliniko!

  1. How to find the Patient details page in the most efficient ways possible!
  2. Need to record the Referral Source? You can have Patients and Contacts refer to each other!
  3. Perhaps you need to attach some documents to their Patient file. Attaching is a breeze in Cliniko!
  4. Need to set up a recall date for the Patient. Adding a Recall Type against a Patient takes just a couple of steps.


Invoicing in Cliniko is a documentation process for the services provided by your Practitioners, and also to document what happens on your payment terminals.

  1. How to make an Invoice and apply Payment, from the Appointment calendar through to printing or emailing away!
  2. Do your Patients pay upfront, then work through their Account Credit? Our Pre-Paid Patients article will show how that one works.


There's plenty of other things that you can do inside Cliniko, and if you have any questions, you can always contact us here at Support. If you email through, then we'll let you know your answers super quick!

Are your Practitioners lost and bewildered by Cliniko?! Never fear: we have a neat little training guide just for them too! You can find that one by clicking through!

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