Add the Cliniko Mobile App to Your iPhone

This guide will help add Cliniko to the home screen with your other apps.

  1. Open Safari
  2. Type in the address where yoursite is the Cliniko address unique to your business. Then press "go".CloudApp_Annotation_2017-08-13_at_8.28.19_AM.png.png
    Note: Do not use the example below, your Cliniko link is unique. If you need help finding it, please contact support.
  3. Click the Share Button (that's the square with the arrow pointing up!).
  4. Click Add to Home Screen button.
  5. Click Add.
  6. All done!

You can now access Cliniko like any other app on your iPhone!

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    Marrs Coiro

    Awesome.! Thanks guys, just discovered this and it works great. Thank you for the solid work.!

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    trish thomas

    anychance we can get a cliniko app for android???

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Trish!  The Mobile app works on Android too!  Just go to the  address where yoursite is the Cliniko address unique to your business.  If you want to add an icon to your Android device, you can do so by holding your finger on your homepage and adding a shortcut to the address.

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    Thank you I have just tried this and managed to download the app. onto my phone.  This will be useful for any changes that are made over the weekend when I am not in the office.   At present I print off paper copies of the days appointments for the next week so I can change or add appointments for any callers I get but now I will be able to view weeks ahead when I need to.  I can then add changes at my leisure before going into the office on the Tuesday.


    Thank you this will be very useful.  I might try and add to my tablet so that I have a bigger screen to use.


    Bev Hart

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    This website link/app is too slow, I can't rely on this when I'm on the go to book appointments.. way too slow! So, I'm still relying on Gmail for booking in appointments & patient contact details.


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    Emily Gable

    Hi Angelica! Just wanted to give you a quick update here. While we don't have plans to develop an official app for Cliniko, we're working on making the entire site "responsive" -- what that means is that no matter what device you're on (i.e. computer, tablet, mobile phone), the site will adjust its display based on the size and type of device you're using. Ultimately, you'll get the best user experience on all devices, as the site will be optimized specifically for the display on each one! We'll definitely keep everyone updated as this progresses! :)

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