Attaching Files to Patients

Attaching files is super simple.  Each patient has an attachments section that functions similar to a dropbox.  You can attach any type of file you like to your patients.

  1. Select a patient
  2. Click on File Attachments

  3. Drag a file into the window!

    The drag and drop feature will only work in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer does not currently support drag and drop.  To upload a file in Internet Explorer, click the Add file attachments button
  4. Now your file is uploaded! It will look like this:



And there you have it ... you're done! 

You can upload more than one file at a time, too. To upload more than one file via the "drag and drop" feature, simply select all of the files you want and drag them onto the screen.  You can also drag and drop an entire folder if you like!

To upload more than one file via the "browse" feature, simply click on the gray "Add file attachment" button, select all of the files that you want from the "browsing" window that will pop up, and click "Open." 

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  • Avatar
    Dr Cristina Rodes

    Hi Emily. Can you drag and drop from Google Drive or Dropbox? I can't seem to make it work from either of these. Cheers

  • Avatar
    Emily Gable

    Hi Cristina! I've just tried this from my own computer and it looks like you cannot drag and drop from either of those programs directly -- the file would need to be saved on the desktop first. I can look into why this is and see if there's anything that can be done about it (at the moment, I'm not too sure on what exactly the reason is that you can't transfer files between multiple browsers -- I've tried doing it from Google Drive to Dropbox and vice-versa, and on both occasions, I can't move files between programs unless I save the file on my desktop first). I'll see if I can dig up any information on this!

  • Avatar
    Dr Cristina Rodes

    Hi Emily. Thanks for your reply- any luck with it? Cheers

  • Avatar
    Jack O'Brien

    Hi Emily/Cliniko, would it work if it was from the Google Drive folder that is locally snyced on the computer? Essentially then it is from the local drive to the browser, not browser to browser...

  • Avatar
    Clinton Beeken

    Hey Jack,

    As far as I'm aware, as long as the files are on your hard drive, then it will work! This means that a synced G-Drive would work for you.

    Let us know how you go :)

  • Avatar
    Matthew Jones

    If you install Dropbox onto your computer it will show up as a drive and then you can just drag and drop.

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