Deleting (or Archiving) a Patient

You can archive and delete your Patients within Cliniko if you need to. If you archive a Patient, they'll be hidden from reports (such as the Patients Without Upcoming Appointments report) and you won't be able to add an Appointment for them -- however, their details will still remain in Cliniko. If you delete a Patient, all of their details will be gone. We recommend archiving your Patients as this will ensure that they'll still be easily accessible, even if they're not a regular!

Archiving a Patient

  1. Select the Patient you'd like to archive
  2. Click the Archive button
  3. You'll see a bright red message indicating the date and time that this Patient was archived
  4. You'll also see a green success message indicating that they were archived

As long as you see the red banner (which sticks at the top of the Patient's details page) and the green success message, you'll know that your Patient was successfully archived! Now, they'll no longer show up in reports and you won't be able to make an appointment for them, but if you need to access their records, you'll definitely be able to. They'll simply show up as grayed-out in the list of Patients, like this:

Deleting a Patient

Note: You must have the Administrator security level in order to delete a patient. If you are not an administrator the option will not be present. This can be set under Settings → Users and Practitioners.

  1. Archive the Patient as outlined above
  2. Click the Delete permanently button

    WARNING! This will also delete all of the Patient's associated records, such as Treatment Notes, Invoices, and Appointments. Please keep all legal obligations in mind before deleting a Patient! 
  3. Confirm the deletion (you will need to click "OK" in the pop-up that appears in your browser window)
  4. You'll see a green success message indicating that the Patient (and their associated records) have been deleted

You cannot reverse a deletion once done -- so do so at your own risk!

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  • Avatar
    Maria George

    Please advise how to retrieve an archived patient that hasn't been deleted permanently?



  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Maria,

    You'll see a red bar across the top of the page when patients are archived - you'll see a link there "Make them active again".  Just click that link!

  • Avatar
    Tsvi Dinner

    Hi. Is there a way to view only the inactive patients. This would help since we could easily analyze the list and see which patients we should re-invite. The recall idea that someone proposed should also help with this.

    Thanks so much,

    Tsvi Dinner

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Tsvi - Not directly in the software, but if you export your patient file (in Settings -> Data Exports) you'll see a column "Archived at" with a date/time the patient was archived.  Obviously everyone who is still active will have a blank "Archived at" value.  So if you sort by "Archived", you'll get a list in Excel of all your patients which have been archived.

    Hope this helps!

  • Avatar

    I sent a newsletter around the other day and a patient, who has recently died and has been archived, still received a copy of the newsletter.  Do archived patients get newsletters still?  or is this a glitch between mail chimp and Cliniko?




  • Avatar
    Bart Lewis

    Hi Richard! I'm afraid the archive flag is not passed to MailChimp. I recommend manually unsubscribing them in MailChimp. It will block all further emails to that client. I wish I had a more elegant solution for you. Bart

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Davies

    have you any plans for getting a more elegant solution in the future?

  • Avatar
    Emily Gable

    Hi Rebecca! Just curious -- what's not working for you with the archiving/deleting process at the moment? (Or are you referring to unsubscribing deleted and/or archived patients from MailChimp?) Thanks!

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