Setting Up SMS Appointment Reminders

Cliniko offers fully automated appointment reminders, which can save your staff a lot of time each week. Setting them up is simple, but just requires you to look at a few different areas.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page
  2. Click SMS Settings

    You will need to purchase SMS credits to send SMS reminders (1 credit equals 160 characters).
    You can also have a few other options, such as a mobile number or email address to forward replies to, as well settings to auto-top-up or remind you when your credits are low.
    Hint! You're only able to purchase credits if you already have a credit card recorded in the system for your subscription. 
  3. Save SMS Settings, then go to Appointment Reminders
  4. Use General Settings to set when your reminders go out

    Hint!: Use the tickbox to the right of your default reminder type to change all of your existing patient's reminder types.  Once this change is done, the box will untick so you can change individual patients later.
    The reminder time selects an hour to send - so choosing 13:00 will send your reminder messages anywhere between 1 and 1:55 PM.
  5. Scroll down to SMS Reminders
  6. Ensure SMS enabled is ticked 
  7. Edit the text of the reminder

    You can use the drop down menus to add a variety of placeholders, such as the patient's name or the business' Contact Information. 

As always, click Save Appointment Reminders once you're done.

Opting Patients Out of Receiving Reminders

Typically you'll want all of your patients to have the same type of reminders, but there may be some patients which prefer one over another, or would like to opt-out of reminders.  In that case, you can edit one Patient's reminder setting.

  1. Go to the Patients page
  2. Select the patient that you'd like to customize Appointment Reminder settings for
  3. Click the Edit details button
  4. Scroll down to Communication Preferences and select the Automated reminder type
  5. Be sure to save!

You can also set up Email Appointment Reminders. Click here to find out how.

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  • Avatar
    jason sykes

    If apt reminders are set for 24 hours prior, but a new/regular patient makes an appointment that is less than 24 hours until apt, how do we make sure they still get an SMS reminder? This is esp important for new clients.


  • Avatar
    Theo Mahanidis

    HI Guys a massive one for us is differentiating between our 3 locations.... there doesnt seem to be a setting to do this. Is it available??


  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    That's what the Business_Name tag is for!  It will use the name of your location (that's set up in Settings -> Business Information) so your patients will know which location the reminder is for.

  • Avatar
    Brock Trigger

    Hello,  We want to be able to send reminders only to new clients.  How do we set up particular clients to SMS to and others not to.  I see in patient details you can edit it, but this is for individuals and it is default SMS for all clients.  This would mean i'd have to go through and change everyone's to none and only allow new clients to get SMS.  Is there an easier way to do it?

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Brock,

    I've updated the tutorial a bit to make this more clear.  You can use the tickbox beside the default reminder type to change all of your patients type in one massive update.  So in your case, change the default type to "None" and tick the box.  That will change all of your patients to "None".  Then you can change the default type to "SMS" so that all of your new patients will come up with SMS first.

  • Avatar

    Hi there,

    We have patients that are scheduled for multiple practitioners during the same appointment time. We set them up as separate appointments, but would like to be sure that only one email reminder goes out. Is this possible? Can we set it so that a patient only gets one reminder per day, maybe?

  • Avatar
    Deb Ashton

    We ask that our patients respond to indicate whether theyre attending their appt or not. how does this work on this system?

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    You can see all patient responses in the communication tab, or the most recent 10 messages on the dashboard.  You can also set a mobile number in SMS Settings to forward messages on.

    We don't actually do anything with the text they send in though, so if you want the patients to confirm their message, you would need to do that bit manually.

  • Avatar
    Connie Gourvelos

    Hi, having issues with sending out appointment sms reminders.. we have 7 days left on the trial version of cliniko but have attached the CC details and set all the appointments up - but they wont send. I have gone through the settings and purchased credits etc... any ideas? Thanks

  • Avatar
    Bart Lewis

    @Connie! Thanks for checking in. I checked your account and it looks like you need to do one more step. If you go to Settings → Appointment Types, click on the Appointment type and check the "Send appointment reminder." box. It looks like only one of your appointment types has that turned on. You will need to repeat the process for each appointment type you want reminders to go out for.  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Connie Gourvelos

    @BartLewis - thank you!! all done. appreciate your help :)

  • Avatar

    We currently have email reminders sent up but would like to send SMS's to new clients as they tend to forget. Is there any way of doing this without removing the email reminders? Ta

  • Avatar

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to automatically send a generalised email at maybe a set time (just in case they come late) after someone has missed an appointment (re-booking email). Too often people cannot be reached immediately after their time, but are forgotten about half an hour later.

    Edited by Quiropraxiaes
  • Avatar

    Hi Jim,
    do the automated SMS reminders show up on the comms tab? If not, how do we check that they were sent?


  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Jenn - sorry I missed this! Yep, any message Cliniko send out to your clients are in the communication page. You'll also see those green tickmarks on the actual appointment on your calendar.

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