Selecting User Security Roles

Each user of Cliniko is equipped with a Security Role. This Security Role determines which actions they can (and cannot) perform within the system. This gives Practice Managers the ability to ensure that the right people have access to the right functions!

The Security Roles in Cliniko are (in order of least powerful to most) are as follows:

  • The Scheduler can maintain the Appointment Calendar, manage basic Patient details, and participate in practice announcements.
  • The Receptionist can do everything that the Scheduler can do, as well as manage Billing and Payments.
  • The Practitioner can do everything the Receptionist can do, as well as managing Patient Medical Alerts and Treatment Notes.
  • The Power Receptionist can do everything the Receptionist can do, as well as most things an Administrator can do.
  • The Administrator can do everything.

Cliniko also has a "specialty" Security Role which doesn't inherit abilities from previous roles:

  • The Bookkeeper can manage the finance aspects of Cliniko.

HINT: for exact permission details on each Security Role, Check out our Permissions Matrix!

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