Setting up Pre-Pay Patients and Applying Account Credit

Often clinics will take payment for a package of several treatments at once, and need a way to track who has paid how much, and when that credit runs out. Cliniko has some handy tools to help with managing this!

Add a new payment

  1. Select Payments from the navigation
    Payments Tab
  2. Click the Add payment button on the right-hand side

    If you're adding a payment for a new patient or client (i.e. someone who's never had an appointment at your clinic before), you'll need to create their profile before you can add a payment for them.
  3. Choose the patient, and add the payment to the payment source.
  4. Skip the Apply to Invoices step

    You'll notice there are no invoices to apply this payment to.  Cliniko will instead apply the payment to the patient as account credit.
  5. Save the payment

After saving, you'll see the receipt for your payment.

At the bottom of this receipt, Cliniko will tell you the amount is "not allocated." This means that the total amount is available to be allocated to any future invoices.

Account Credit is displayed on the patient's details page, and while creating invoices/payments for that particular patient.  So you'll always know exactly how much credit they have remaining. 

Now when you're ready to apply that credit to an invoice...

Create an invoice

  1. Select Add a payment from the patient's appointment pop up
  2. If you're happy with the invoice, click Create Invoice

  3. Don't enter a payment source this time.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save payment

    You can see the account credit applied in the Account Credit column.

When you return to the invoice, you can see the remaining amount of account credit at the top of the screen, you can also view this on the patient's record.

That's it!  You can check the patient's remaining credit at any time from their details page, and top them up at any stage as well.

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    Rowen Simpson

    It would be even more useful if credit could be used from one patient  to pay the invoice of another (eg spouse).

  • Avatar
    Bianka Kent

    I have a client who has purchased 5 sessions in advance, I've created the invoice and applied payment.

    One of the 5 has been used (the day the payment was made) and another appointment has been booked. How is the account balance applied to an appointment ? (i.e. each time Liam attends I need to know its appt 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 etc until all sessions are used).

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    Jim Sadusky

    You actually don't want to create an invoice at the time of purchasing the sessions! When a payment is recorded on the system and not applied to an invoice, it will appear as credit (thus the instructions above say go straight to the payments page!) If you do that, you'll see the balance on the patient page, as well as any time you're invoicing for a new appointment.

  • Avatar
    Bianka Kent


  • Avatar
    Andrew Shepherd


    I have a client that has a credit and who wants to apply it to a family member. How do I go about doing this?


  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Andrew,
    There currently isn't a way to transfer account credit from one patient to another. You'll need to edit the original payments to remove the credit manually from one patient, then split up the payment among the other family member.
    We hope to get something so that this is more workable in the future, but right now payments aren't stored in a way that makes this really easy - sorry!

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    Jacquelene Close Moore

    Online booking payments
    It would be great if Cliniko could give a timeline of when you will integrate online payments into the system for clients booking in online.

    This would get me across the line as a paying client, and would be helpful to most practices I know who take online bookings for treatments, and I would recommend it to about 50 businesses I know, right off the bat if Cliniko did that.

    Presently I am still debating buying a permanent subscription as a result of this one aspect, and will have to continue to compare my current online bookings system with others like Cliniko for streamlining issues until I hear more.

    Edited by Jacquelene Close Moore
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    Morpheous Lewis

    The only issue I'm getting is the account credit and the following invoices that are paid with the account credit are not being transferred over to XERO. Xero is telling me that loads of people's invoices are still owing but in cliniko they are showing as paid with account credit!!

  • Avatar
    Brendan Yong Weng Chun

    @Morpheous: that's exactly what we are facing.

    @Jim are there enough requests now for an acceptable way to handle packages? My client is also dealing with the issue of Xero not updating as a paid-invoice.

    We also do not want the situation that the client receives multiple invoices for one payment he made at the beginning for a 5-use package.

    Edited by Brendan Yong Weng Chun
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